Waldo y Jacqui Solano
Knoxville, TN, USA
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Waldo Solano
Waldo Solano is originally from Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico, Waldo grew up dancing most Tropical Music, Cumbia and Salsa in Mexico City...

He moved to Atlanta, GA in 2003 and was introduced to Salsa by Alfredo Piceno (Salsambo Dance Company) in July 2006...

Motivated by what he saw, he immediately started training intensely with Alfredo and Jen Piceno...

With the desire to expand his personal style and knowledge of the dance, he continued his education with:

Karen y Ricardo 9X World Champions
Fernando Sosa
Ataca y La Alemana
Alfredo Piceno
Jen Piceno
Jimmy Rumba
Adrian y Anita
Daniel y Desiree
Korke y Judith
Alberto Valdes
Adolfo Indacochea
Ronald y Alba
Jessica Patella
Isabelle et Felicien
Alex y Desiree
Charlie y Tania
Francisco Vazquez
Luis Vazquez
Johnny Vazquez
Ana Llorente
Erit Germain
Oskr Cadu

His ability to quickly acquire the moves, timing and technique of the dance led him to become a dancer, choreographer, instructor and Owner & Artist Director of SalsaKnox Dance Company in Knoxville, TN...

He currently hosts weekly Salsa/Bachata parties, teaches private lessons, teaches weekly group lessons, choreographs dance teams, DJs, performs, and much more...
Jacqueline Solano
Jacqueline Solano, wife of Waldo Solano, has been dancing Salsa and Bachata for over 10 years...

She moved to Knoxville TN in 2004 and went on to graduate from University of Tennessee with her Masters Degree in Secondary Teacher Education...

She is currently a middle school 8th grade English teacher as well as co-director of SalsaKnox Dance Company, and her passion for any type and kind of teaching fills any classroom environment...

She teaches beginners, intermediates, and advanced groups as well as the SalsaKnox Rumberas Ladies Dance Team here in Knoxville, TN...

She and Waldo travel, perform, and teach all over the United States and continue to share their love of Latin Dance, especially Salsa and Bachata with anyone they meet...

Jacqui and Waldo believe that "dance" is an expression of the soul and a unique communication between people...

It truly transcends across time, culture, class, and belief...

So, come and see what all the fuss is about with SalsaKnox! You will not regret coming to dance with us!
SalsaKnox Rumberas (Knoxville), Bamacitas (Alabama) Led it by Tropical Gem Ladies (Italy)
March 9th 2019
Jacqueline Solano & Waldo Solano from Alma Knoxville by Alma Latina
March 9th 2019
Jacqueline Solano
February 7th 2019
SalsaKnox at Channel 6 - Knoxville, TN ~ 2019
January 2nd 2019

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